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For over 25 years, Myers Park Tailors has been a family-run business in Charlotte providing hand-crafted suits and tailoring for men and women, led by our master tailor, Walid Nassar.

Custom Suits


Weddington, a picturesque suburban town nestled in Union County, is just about 15 miles southeast of Charlotte proper. Whether you’re exploring the scenic parks, indulging in local cuisine at charming cafes, or partaking in community events, Weddington offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. From outdoor adventures to cultural experiences, there’s something for everyone here. There’s a rich tapestry of life and to match this, you need a wardrobe that fits every occasion.

Custom-tailored suits become more than just garments; they are statements of personality and elegance, whether worn for a day at the office or for those special moments that demand nothing less than perfection. And while there may be tailors a bit closer in distance, the excellence you’ll receive from Master Tailor, Walid, is truly unmatched. The quick drive is well worth it. Myers Park Tailors will ensure our custom suits are the piece of clothing you’ve owned in your life.

Let the road trip to our store be the beginning of your custom suit journey, where craftsmanship and style converge to redefine elegance.

Constant collaboration with you

The Process

We place utmost importance on continuous collaboration with clients like you. Your invaluable input serves as our compass, guiding us through each phase of the bespoke tailoring journey. Every detail of your custom garment is meticulously honed to reflect your unique preferences and complement your individual physique. We’ve had plenty of years perfecting our craft, the custom suit-making process, and we've perfected it to an art form. Your experience with Myers Park Tailors will be nothing short of exceptional.

Step 1:

Schedule an initial meeting with Walid when you have an opening on your calendar.
Close up of suitmaker doing fitting

Step 2:

Sit down with Walid, share a drink, and select your desired fabric and colors.
Close up of suitmaker doing fitting
Detail closeup close-up

Step 3:

Receive precise measurements and discuss the finer points of tailoring your custom suit.
Close up shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring workshop. Concept of industry, handmade, hand craft, couturier and tradition.

Step 4:

The experts at Myers Park get to work executing their craft.
Close up shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring workshop. Concept of industry, handmade, hand craft, couturier and tradition.

Step 5:

Come back to Myers Park Tailors for a fitting session and try on your custom-made suit.

Step 6:

Step out with confidence in your newly tailored ensemble and show it off to the world.
“The service is impossible to match, the quality is the finest, and his craft…. by far a master!! I would recommend Myers Park Tailors to anyone!! The value is quite possibly the best part! I’ve been to many different tailors in my lifetime, and feeling uncomfortable in a suit is the worst feeling. Wally makes you regal in his clothes, hands down perfection! Anyone considering suits, dresses (my girlfriend raves about him), and any tailored fit you need… Myers Park Tailor’s is the pinnacle of perfection. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you to the entire staff and Wally for knocking it our of the park in every single category. ”
Zane Bellven
What We Do

Besides custom suits

In addition to making custom suits for men and women, Myers Park Tailors offers a range of other services:


Each stitch we sew has a story, and nothing beats the confidence of a perfectly fitting garment. If you're in Weddington and need alterations, Myers Park Tailors has got you covered without any fuss.

Bridal Alterations:

Hey Weddington brides! Your big day is special, and you deserve to shine. Our team is here to make sure your gown fits perfectly, with flawless adjustments, hems, and bustling, so you can walk down the aisle with confidence.

Custom Clothing for Men and Women:

Updating your wardrobe saves time and cuts down on clothing waste. Let's find creative solutions together and reinvent what you already have on hangers in your closet.

Consultation and Advice:

Just needing some expert advice on how to best go about altering your garments? Consultations are always available, you just have to ask. We’d be happy to guide you.