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For over 25 years, Myers Park Tailors has been a family-run business in Charlotte providing hand-crafted suits and tailoring for men and women, led by our master tailor, Walid Nassar.

Custom Suits


Huntersville, North Carolina, has emerged as a sought-after residential destination, and it’s easy to understand why given its rich history and undeniable charm. Interestingly, it was once known as Craighead, but there’s no denying that “Huntersville” has a much more appealing ring to it. We often have customers making the drive down to Charlotte for custom clothing, and we always love hearing about life in Huntersville.

Just like the people of Huntersville, we at Myers Park Tailors understand the importance of personal style and fine craftsmanship. Whether you’re off to work or off to a fancy dinner reservation, a bespoke suit speaks volumes about your individuality. Led by our Head Tailor, Walid, our team is attuned to the essence of Huntersville and the metropolitan feel in general, ensuring that each piece we create enhances your wardrobe impeccably.

Visit us in Charlotte to discover the difference at Myers Park Tailors. Appointments are always encouraged. We want to make sure we give you the adequate time your customization deserves.

Constant collaboration with you

The Process

Our main focus is working closely with you, our valued client, to ensure that your preferences shape the selection of custom details every step of the way. Whether we communicate through phone calls, in-person meetings at our shop, or via email, we'll stay in touch. Every aspect of your tailored outfit is fine-tuned to match your style and body shape perfectly, guaranteeing a comfortable and stylish fit!

Step 1:

Arrange a convenient appointment with Walid to begin the process.
Close up of suitmaker doing fitting

Step 2:

Participate in a personalized consultation with Walid to choose fabrics and colors and other options.
Close up of suitmaker doing fitting
Detail closeup close-up

Step 3:

Undergo a measurement session and explore various customization options for your suit.
Close up shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring workshop. Concept of industry, handmade, hand craft, couturier and tradition.

Step 4:

Place your trust in our craftsmanship as we expertly handcraft your bespoke garment.
Close up shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring workshop. Concept of industry, handmade, hand craft, couturier and tradition.

Step 5:

Return to Myers Park Tailors for a fitting session to ensure the perfect fit of your tailored custom suit.

Step 6:

Embrace your flawlessly tailored ensemble with confidence.
“The team is not only extremely talented but they are friendly, pleasant, and always listen closely so they can get you exactly the fit you need. It also wasn’t crazy expensive which is surprising given the quality. After my experience I see no reason to try another store/tailor. Walid is a superstar. They are the best!”
Taylor Russell
What We Do

Besides custom suits

Apart from crafting custom suits, Myers Park Tailors provides an array of specialized services to meet diverse needs:


Because of our careful attention to detail, our garments reflect your unique style and comfort. A perfectly tailored piece boosts confidence. For alterations in Huntersville, Charlotte, or beyond, Myers Park Tailors is your go-to choice.

Bridal Alterations:

For brides-to-be in Huntersville, your wedding day is a cherished milestone, a moment to shine with grace and confidence. Our team is here to ensure your gown fits flawlessly, with expert adjustments, precise hems, and bustling, so you walk down the aisle with absolute elegance. We have lots of experience fitting brides and we’d love to help you.

Custom Clothing for Men and Women:

Revitalizing your current wardrobe not only saves you a trip to the mall but also supports sustainable fashion choices. Let's join forces on a journey of creativity and innovation.

Consultation and Advice:

Seeking expert advice for your wardrobe? Your search ends here! Myers Park Tailors is Huntersville's top choice for tailoring, alterations, and all your clothing needs.